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President Trump Announces Revised NAFTA Deal With Mexico

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* SCOTUS denied Trump’s try to dam over 700 pages of details about the Jan. sixth tried coup. Hopefully it’s not only a sequence of the rioters reciting their favourite traces from “The Apprentice.“ [CNBC]

* A man who allegedly assaulted a police officer on the failed coup doubles down and will get arrested for driving drunk. That is what occurs if you don’t comply, I assume. [Daily Beast]

* Offered on the concept that you’ll simply work summers in regulation faculty? Whereas it’s not unattainable, give this thread a run although — may provide you with some perspective. [Reddit]

* Prof. Chemerinsky provides a rallying cry for college students and professors. Although heartfelt, it’s unlikely to reply the query on most college students’ minds: “How do I strategy the ultimate?” [Mercury News]

* No extra peanut gallery: New Jersey simply banned packing peanuts to assist save the atmosphere. Save the earth and all, however I hope they don’t come for my pricey bubble wrap! []

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