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ATL Legal Tech Non-Event Promo Image 1Ed. word: That is the newest installment of The Authorized Tech-to-English Dictionary, a part of our Non-Occasion for Tech-Perplexed Legal professionals. Jared Correia is the host of the Non-Eventcast.

There’s a time period for when attorneys use Latin and different arcane languages to explain authorized processes to customers: “legalese.”

However there’s no comparable time period for when distributors use technical and different arcane languages to explain their authorized software program operations to legal professionals.

True, this dynamic could seem unfair. However now we have now The Authorized Tech-to-English Dictionary to assist us cope.

Learn on for the newest installment, the place we translate change management-related matters to plain English. And for an improve to your workflow, obtain our free eDiscovery Consumers Information on the backside of this manner, or go to the Non-Occasion for extra! 

Regulation Follow Administration Consulting

  1. Enterprise administration consulting for regulation companies, making an allowance for particular moral obligations, that attorneys should adhere to.
  2. The act of repeating a enterprise proprietor’s finest concepts again to them, in a barely altered approach, and charging for identical.

Consulting Shopper: I really feel like I ought to perhaps attempt to begin utilizing some advertising and marketing movies.

Guide: Okay. Right here’s what I believe it’s best to do — create a advertising and marketing plan incorporating video content material and put up it on YouTube on a recurring foundation.

Consulting Shopper: I assumed that was what I simply . . .

Guide: You may thank me later.

Guide: I take money.

Cf. An unregulated, low overhead career.  In different phrases, the other of regulation apply.

Change Administration

  1. Tactical strategies and outlined processes for reaching organizational change.
  2. The method by which one lays out garments for the following day.  (For those who’re Sam Hinkie, you may simply skip this part.)

Lawyer 1: I known as this assembly, everybody, as a result of I’m able to embrace change.

Lawyer 1: So, I needed to announce that I’m upgrading our server, and that we are going to be printing and sending out an annual publication.

Lawyer 1: I’ve taken a vote inside my household, and we’ve selected ‘Courier New’ as a font for the publication.

Lawyer 1: That is gonna be exhausting, however, we’ll get via it collectively.

. . .

Lawyer 1: Whereas I wait in your feedback, would anybody like a Werther’s Authentic from this glass dish I’m holding.

Cf. These guys who are available to put everyone off as a part of stated course of.

Software program Implementation

  1. The set up and adoption of a brand new know-how program (or packages) – ideally cloud-based software program – together with the alternative of legacy software program.
  2. The method of managing the logistics of software program set up for regulation companies, which can be managed by consultants.

Lawyer 1: Jim, I believe we have to speak about our phrase processing software program.

(Typewriter dings.)

Lawyer 2: Why, what’s the issue?

Lawyer 2: Ah, shit. Are you able to hand me the Liquid Paper?


  1. The resistance of any bodily object to any change in its velocity.
  2. The tendency for regulation agency managers to do the identical issues over and over, as a result of ‘it’s the best way we’ve at all times completed it.’

Lawyer 1: Who the fuck put peanut M&Ms on this jar??

Lawyer 1: Who???

Lawyer 1: This jar is for *common* M&Ms!!!

Lawyer 1: Dammit, my paper time sheet blew off the desk once more. Maintain on, I’ll be proper again.

Cf. Implementation consultants, who help regulation companies in software program installations, versus strategic consultants, who advise regulation companies on common technique.

Cf. With out the precept of inertia, there could be no Pinewood Derby.  Simply take into consideration that shit.


  1. Aggregation of duties combining to generate a coherent course of, that includes assignments of duties to people.
  2. A way for constructing programs inside regulation companies.

Lawyer 1: Samantha, I completed that ‘work move’ you requested me to finish.

Lawyer 2: Ronan, this says ‘Begin > End.’

Lawyer 1: Sure, precisely.

Cf. Regulation companies might set up varied forms of workflows, together with for administrative and substantive duties, together with for particular case varieties.

Cf. There are a number of programs by which regulation companies might handle duties, together with standalone job administration instruments, regulation apply administration software program and productiveness software program.

Jared Correia, a marketing consultant and authorized know-how skilled, is the host of the Non-Eventcast, the featured podcast of the Above the Regulation Non-Occasion for Tech-Perplexed Legal professionals. 

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